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Kindness has No Cost but Infinite Rewards

I was all set to write a new blog about feeding a raw diet but after the shocking events in Vegas the words just seemed hollow and unimportant. Instead I have decided to write more of a plea to people.  We don’t have television like many so the first reports I saw were on social media which is unfortunate in these types of situations. I say this because the first things I saw weren’t comments of compassion or sympathy;  it was of pure ignorance, divisiveness, and hate.  Instantly people took sides, calling each other names and pushing agendas.  Politicians instantly politicized the shooting with that “but” comment. “We send our thoughts and prayers, but……” No but! There is no need for anything after that unless it’s a call to come together.  I even saw reports that some congress people refused to participate in a moment of silence in remembrance of the lives lost to push their agenda. How callus have we become as people? So this is my plea, be kind to one another.

We are all going to think and feel differently about things but it doesn’t have to be so visceral.  You can in fact disagree with someone and have a calm, collected and thoughtful conversation. It doesn’t have to become a heated debate with name calling, finger pointing, and disregard for humanity. When a tragedy such as Vegas happens, realize that your kindness, sympathy, and humanity are needed, not an agenda.  Do what you can to help people not move them further apart. When I see stories like the one about the executive from CBS getting fired because they go online and say they have no sympathy for the victims because “country music fans are likely republican gun toters,” I get sick to my stomach.  No innocent person deserves what happened in Vegas because of the way they voted. Again I say, be kind to one another.

It’s amazing what a nation of different ideals can do when they accept that others will not and do not think the same as them. Actually it’s more productive to disagree than to agree but you have to be willing to listen to each other. Innovation happens when different minds come together to overcome a problem.  It shouldn’t take natural disasters or mass shootings for people to even consider putting differences aside. Based on what I have seen for many these types of tragedies are just another chance to have the stage to try and validate their ideals.

The next time you are out and about, say hi to a stranger and interact with your fellow Americans. When you see someone post something online you disagree with, ignore it and go post something nice about someone. Let’s combat all this divisiveness by implementing a program of kindness. Maybe you know the person being hateful.  Say something nice to/about them or ask them what’s going on? Maybe they have something they are dealing with that they need to talk out. It doesn’t cost anything to be kind but the rewards are infinite.

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