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Setting a New Standard

I have mentioned in previous blogs about the misconception that small businesses are always “over priced.” This is typically not true. There can be some price discrepancies but overall most small businesses are in line with the big guys and are even priced better than our national competitors in many instances. We have been working on this misconception for some time now, first with trying to bring the information forward so we could change the narrative. Now we are stepping it up a bit. We are happy to introduce some new programs with this blog.

First thing we want to do is offer a price match. If you bring us a verifiable lower regular price from a comparable store in the area, we will match it and lower our everyday price to make sure you are getting the value you deserve. We will match regular online prices as well. With online price matching it must include shipping. For example if it’s $48 online regular price but shipping is $5 that would make the final price $53 not $48. If shipping is free over a certain threshold then we would honor the regular price as stated. For example, if shipping is free over $49 and the regular price is $50, we would honor the $50 price.  Clearance, sale prices, subscription pricing and blow out pricing are unfortunately excluded from the price match program.  We will be offering different specials on our own to supplement the regular price match option. The price match must be a regularly priced item, must be the exact item, must not violate manufacturing pricing policies, and must be verifiable to qualify. The price match does not include services. 

The second thing we are offering is a frequent buyer program for our in store customers. In the past we have relied on the manufacturers programs and with some brands doing it and some not, it was inconsistent for the customer. We wanted to eliminate this inconsistency so we have been working it out in order to offer one program for everyone no matter what brand you purchase. We are now offering a buy 10 get 1 free on regular priced dog and cat kibble, dehydrated, freeze dried and frozen foods. I wanted to announce it earlier but it took us longer than expected to get everything worked out.  This is an in-store only program. Online purchases are excluded from the in store buy 10 get 1 program since it will have its own separate program.

The third thing we are offering is for customers that prefer shopping online.  Another reason for a bit of a delay was finding the proper program for online users. Every time we thought we had it figured out that we could offer the buy 10 get 1 free online it ended up not working. There is unfortunately no software that allows us to offer buy 10 get 1 free for online orders. So if you prefer making your purchases online we created a subscriber deal. This is similar to the buy 10 get 1 but the discount is spread out across the 10 bags instead of getting the free bag at the end.  All you have to do is subscribe to our newsletter and every subsequent purchase after that will show you the new discounted price in the cart. We aren’t allowed to advertise the discounted prices due to pricing restrictions set by the manufacturers, but if you sign up for the newsletter your account will be tagged and you will have access to the subscriber level pricing. Don’t be alarmed, the newsletter is written by me personally and not a third party service or automated bot , so you won’t get overwhelmed like you do with those pesky corporate email programs. This cannot be combined with the buy 10 get 1 free program in store. Online purchases are separate from in store purchases.

The final program we are offering is a referral program. Word of mouth is the best way to continue to get your name out to the public. Unfortunately not many places reward you for the effort of letting your friends know about them. We want to change that. Our customers are our biggest advocates and we want to reward them for their loyalty. For in store customers, we have cards that we will give you. You write your name on it and give it to friends, family, coworkers, etc. and when we receive them back in store we will reward you with a discount on your next purchase.  The referred customer must make a purchase of $20 or more and they will receive 20% off their first purchase. We have a digital offer for online customers as well. In the bottom left hand corner there is a sign up button.  Once the referred person has made a purchase you will receive points to purchase a reward.  The more you refer the more rewards you will earn with no limit on how many times you can earn the rewards.

We want to set a new tone for small business and hopefully get rid of that “over priced” stigma we all carry whether it’s true or not. Small businesses really are the backbone of every community and we are going to do our part to make sure we take care of the community that takes care of us. We need your help in spreading the word about these great programs so please share often!

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