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Welcome to the Natural Dawg Blog!!

Welcome to the Natural Dawg Cuisine Blog! This will be a place to share my thoughts on many topics and hopefully be able to create a dialogue about different topics. I get a lot of questions, come across a lot of information, and generally have thoughts on a lot of different topics that I would like to share.  As you may suspect there will be a lot of pet related topics, we are a pet supply and grooming facility after all, but I also want to touch on other things happening around us.  I hope you will follow along, share and participate. This first blog will be a little about who we are and how we got to be here.
Who are we? We are a husband and wife team but more than that we are an independently owned family business with a purpose in mind: helping you get and keep your pets healthy. My wife and I started out as customers here for the same reason many people end up at our shop today, our dog Bruno had an ailment. Like most people, we thought we were giving our dog a good food.  It checked all the boxes of all the mainstream information you hear: meat as the first ingredient, grain free, etc, etc. We quickly learned that not all foods, no matter how many boxes they check off, are created equal. So we took Bruno to our previous vet and while there they suggest a Purina Pro Plan food because they think he has an allergy. So we buy a small bag as most people would and take it home but I started looking at the bag (partially because the price was somewhere north of $100 for a 20lb bag and prescription food? Since when has food needed a prescription?) and I’m reading the ingredients: brewers rice, barley, corn gluten meal, chicken by product meal, animal digest?!?! What is this and why would I feed it to my pet? I mean, we were not experts but we had done some research and the ingredients did not read like a food. So we quickly decide there is no way we are giving our dog this “food”. Just because you can feed it, doesn’t make it food.
We end up here, Natural Dawg Cuisine, and we are looking through their selection and we talk a bit with the people working (not knowing at the time they own it). They make a suggestion and at first I balked because the price was about 1.5 times what we had been paying. As most customers would I thought to myself, was this food really that much more special than our previous food to warrant the price? I mean it checked off the same boxes as our old food so what’s the difference? I quickly reminded myself of the $1600 specialty vet bill I just had because an ear infection punctured Bruno’s ear drum. Then after a little bit more conversation we figured out we would also be feeding our pet less food. Where we were feeding 4-5 cups we would now be feeding 3. Not to mention, if this works, we would have never had to pay a $1600 vet bill or all the other vet bills leading to the specialty vet. We gave it a shot on a trial basis and it worked. It cleared up all of his problems. Never had yeast build up in his ear again and my other pets were better off for it as well.
Between multiple vet visits and surgeries, we likely spent over $2000 for an ear infection caused by the ingredients in what we thought was a good food. Now that $60 we were spending on food was really not 1.5 times the price at all. Because now we are paying $60 and the food last longer than a month but we also only need routine vet visits. They were on the old food for roughly a year so in one year we paid close to $240 a month in food and vet bills that $60 was taking care of now. So although the price at the checkout counter was bigger, it was cheaper to have a healthier pet than trying to save a little on food. It was a definite lesson that not all foods are created equal and feeding a proper diet is the most important thing you can do for your pet.
That is some background of how we ended up being customers but here is how we ended up as owners. I had been working for Walgreens for 7 years (plus). In those 7 years the one thing I learned was, moving forward Walgreens was not a company I wanted to work for anymore. I had started looking for other jobs and went to interviews and talked to several different companies but nothing felt right. I had looked into going into business and both of us love pets so I started looking at pet related businesses. First, I have always been kind of dissatisfied with boarding my pet. No harm ever came to my pets while in boarding but for what we pay, and it was all boarding facilities, I felt like there should be more. While looking at different options for starting a boarding business, I quickly came to the conclusion that it was a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week endeavor. It was not something I thought I was prepared to do as a first attempt. I had basically given up until I was emailed an anonymous listing. It didn’t take me long to figure out it was Natural Dawg Cuisine. We loved our little store where we bought our food. We didn’t want to see it go not to mention where would we go to get our food? So we decided to take a risk. We aren’t wealthy aristocrats just looking to burn money. We were about to pour our heart, soul, and finances into this place and give it a go. We wanted to be able to continue to do for the Cypress community what had been done for us…..make our pet healthy from the inside out.
That is a snap shot on how we become the Natural Dawg Cuisine people.  This first blog was simply an introduction to how we ended up where we are now. Hopefully you were able to follow. I am definitely not a writer but I think I can make my posts coherent enough to follow, so bear with me at first. I know my writing will not be the best but as I go, I think it should improve.

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